Mr. Joseph Philip Mullinix is the Senior Advisor to President of the National University of Singapore (“NUS” or “University”), a position he took on in 2016. Prior to this, from 2006 to 2015, Mr Mullinix was Deputy President (Administration) of NUS. He worked with the President of the University in initiatives such as strategic review, risk management and corporatization. He had general oversight over administrative functions relating to human resource management, financial management, information technology, risk management, investment, legal affairs, compliance and the management and upgrading of campus services and infrastructure, including the safety, security and environment of the University. In particular, Mr Mullinix launched the administrative and financial support functions for NUS as a separate corporatized entity; oversaw substantial growth in campus academic facilities and housing including “University Town” and “Yale-NUS Campus”, and initiated new administrative processes, systems and infrastructure to support expanded academic, research, and student activities in an enhanced campus environment.

Mr Mullinix holds a Master of Business Administration with the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business, with additional graduate studies at Harvard University. He did his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) with Georgetown University.

Prior to joining NUS, Mr Mullinix served as Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration of the University of California (2000- 2006), Vice-President for Finance and Administration of Yale University (1993 – 2000) and Senior Vice-President of Columbia University (1984 – 1993). Before his positions with these institutions of higher education, Mr Mullinix was Senior Financial Analyst with Goldman, Sachs and Company (New York).

He also served as Deputy Associate Director for Economics and General Government at the US Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President of the United States. He also worked as Management Consultant with Urban Institute, Washington, D.C. and Urban Systems Inc, Cambridge, Massachusetts and with Arthur Young and Company, New York, where he handled annual audits, acquisition reviews and financial management duties.

Mr Mullinix also held various appointments on the Boards of Directors of hospital/medical delivery organizations; professional societies; scientific research organizations; educational research, publication, and advocacy groups; community service; and social organizations. These include Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale New Haven Health (system); Health Choice of Connecticut (HMO), National Association of College and University Business Officers, Council of Government Relations, Shubert Performing Arts Center, University of California Press, Forum for the Future of Higher Education, California Association for Research in Astronomy, California Extremely Large Telescope, Community Impact, Los Alamos National Security LLC and American Club (Singapore).